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Nepal is practically on the opposite side of the planet from the United States, so it’s a long, long –series- of flights and there are no carriers that offer direct service for the full distance and cheap tickets are elusive. Imagine if it were possible for non-stop service across the approximately 12,000 miles non-stop flight there would be about 20 passenger seats due to the great fuel tanks, and all the seats would be like sitting between the aisle and the window seats, and the passenger next to you sleeps the whole time, his meaty arm flops over onto you and you can’t get away for the 24-hour duration. Don’t even think about restroom breaks.

Dealing with a ‘consolidator’ travel agency that secures wholesale seats at inexpensive rates below the published prices will be the best way to get cheap tickets to Nepal. You’ll mostly likely need to coordinate between multiple airlines to reach Kathmandu. It is worthwhile to rely on an experienced and well-connected agency to coordinate your itinerary and to ensure the lowest possible airfare. You’ll need to book far in advance to make sure you can get a seat, but it is possible to book later in your plans and still find a reasonable price. The real deciding factor for international airline prices is the travel season rather than the timing of the purchase.

Departing from North America you can travel westward across the Pacific Ocean to Japan, Taiwan or Thailand for a connecting flight. The flight duration is a bit longer on the western route even though the distance may be a bit less than to the east since you’ll generally be flying against the prevailing jet stream. Japan Airlines and Thai Airways offer service from Seattle and Los Angeles. Many travelers to Nepal like to schedule a layover in Bangkok to take advantage of the great shopping there. Traveling eastward across the Atlantic Ocean with Northwest Airlines will likely take you through Amsterdam and Abu Dabi to Bangkok for a connection via Nepal via Royal Nepal Airlines to Kathmandu.

With all of these airlines and connections it makes sense to not make the arrangements yourself. Taking advantage of the wholesale airfare rates to Nepal that the consolidators offer, by making your reservations far in advance, and choosing a less popular season for your travel you’ll be able to get very low prices.

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