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One thought on your mind while you're planning such an extravagant international excursion might be about trimming expenses, even finding cheap travel insurance for problems with health, cancellation and loss of belongings. Keeping your adventure to a tight budget is not easy, but if you believe that "you get what you pay for," remember the things that you can't afford to save money on, such as protecting your health, property, and happiness as you travel.

It's a great idea to seek out low prices for travelers insurance, but the real savings to you will be in a comprehensive policy that actually covers you where you will need it, and will be user-friendly when the time of need arises. When it comes to the medical portion of your travel insurance, read the fine print to make sure you are covered in the place where you're going, that you will be covered to evacuate to modern medical facilities, and that you will have the freedom to choose treatment that will actually help you.

A very wise policy when you make travel reservations far in advance of your departure date is to always opt for the cancellation and alteration insurance. Separate from a comprehensive travel insurance policy, the costs is typically an extra 15 percent. It may not seem economical to add 15 percent to a travel package in the thousands of US dollars, but the prospect of being left with a non-refundable ticket due to a change in your plans, or the cost of altering your flight itinerary, the extra fee is well worth the protection. These policies spare you those unfortunate penalties and give you great flexibility. After all, it's hard to plan one week in advance in this world, let alone a year in advance.

An extension of the wisdom of covering your contingencies in travel is to secure your personal belongings. It is no stretch of the imagination to think that traveling halfway around the world through exotic international hub that some of your baggage may be lost, stolen, or damaged. This is perhaps the least significant of your worries in realistic terms, but finding a policy for travelers that adds that detail completes your sense of security and preparation. Adding all of these factors of protection for your travel plans turns out to be incredibly inexpensive on its own, considering the confidence and actual protection you'll have in place. A general rate for this complete coverage is between five and eight percent of your airfare for good coverage.

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