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Travel to Asia on your way to Nepal can be hit or miss as far as being cheap. For the most part you’ll be relying on the market conditions of international airlines, such as fuel prices and exchange rates in the foreign regions. Fuel prices are typically much higher overseas, and the position of the US dollar is weakening against the East. There are some travel services that can be a great benefit in your travel plans in finding economical flights to the Orient as a connection to in-bound travel to Kathmandu. As long as you are able to make reservation far in advance (up to a year) travel agencies will be able to lock into very low rates.

Going directly to an airline and sidestepping the ‘middleman’ is no guarantee of actually finding the lowest prices. Buying directly from an airline may actually be the worst. International airfare is regulated and the prices are kept higher to ensure a higher profit margin. In some cases the ‘automated’ travel reservation website are beholden to certain airlines because they are sponsored or outright owned by them. Drawing on the expertise of a travel consultant with a better perspective on the market can help you uncover the lowest possible airfares and make a smoother itinerary.

Finding the right international travel agency is really the best way to find an inexpensive flight. The agencies with special access to the best deals on cheap tickets are known as ‘consolidators’ because they acquire wholesale lots of airline seats on flights far in advance. If you can book with them far in advance and you can adhere to their somewhat inflexible terms you can save significantly in booking a trip to Asia.

Some travelers choose to take their chances by being ‘stand-by’ passengers for the duration of the trip. If you weren’t even thinking about that before, forget that we mentioned it. Flying to Asia with no itinerary is probably a very bad idea, considering that most of these long international flights have been booked (and even over-booked) for many months ahead of your bright idea. If you do get on a flight, bring lots of extra batteries for your GameBoy because you’ll be diverted or held over at various interim airports for a long time. In some countries you can’t even proceed without proof that you plan to leave them soon. Considering the extra time and mayhem involved, you won’t be pinching any pennies that way.

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