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International Travel Medical Insurance

The last thing you want to gamble with during international travel is your health, and arranging for travelers medical insurance ahead of time will prepare you for circumstances you can't imagine. Venturing into a faraway land, you'll encounter real dangers that you may not be accustomed to finding in a suburban shopping mall. Medical facilities might not match Western standards or may not be available in your area of travel, so including insurance for medical evacuation and emergency treatment in your travel preparation will be invaluable to you.

Not to scare you, but just think of some of the things that could go wrong during the time outside of your domestic borders. The most obvious risk to a traveler's health will be infectious diseases, some of which are unavoidable in areas of poor sanitation. On the hiking trails you're apt to suffer any combination of broken bones, altitude sickness, and cold weather injuries. In the cities you're just as much in danger of being involved in a traffic accident as a pedestrian or a victim of assault. In any of these cases emergency medical treatment is urgently necessary, and if you're in a remote location, or even in a major city, you may find that there is no adequate medical treatment available. An emergency medical evacuation from a remote hiking location invariably requires calling an emergency helicopter, which bills in the thousands of US dollars. Rapid medical transport to a modern regional medical center, such as to the Bumrungrad Hospital</a> in Bangkok, Thailand, will cost in the tens of thousands of US dollars.

The danger to your health and the magnitude of the costs should now be clear. Many travelers will rely on their current domestic health insurance for coverage in their international travel, but in many cases that coverage just won't extend sufficiently, and may even cut off as you leave your home territory. It's time for you to review your policy closely and to speak with your health insurance agent to ensure that you properly understand the provisions for medical evacuation and treatment in your health plan. Most probably your policy will offer no foreign coverage and you will need to seek out supplemental medical protection as you travel.

There are many domestic and overseas agencies that offer short-term medical and pharmaceutical insurance coverage for travelers. As a matter of fact, the common solution is a complete package Access America including cancellation, medical, life, and baggage insurance. Make these arrangements well in advance, make sure you explicitly understand their coverage for evacuation and treatment, make sure you have your policy paperwork safely secured with you as you travel, and make sure your policy payment is current as you make your departure!

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