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Nepal Geography

The official long form name of the country is the Kingdom of Nepal, and the country is located geographically between India to the south and the Chinese autonomous region of Tibet to the North. Nepal has a total land area of just under 141,000 kilometers, making it comparable in size to the state of Arkansas in the United States. Nepal is landlocked, although there are five major rivers that pass through its borders and a few moderate bodies of water. The eastern region typically receives a great deal of rainfall, due to being on the windward side of the Himalaya mountain range, which traps all but the least amount of rainfall within Nepal. As a result there is very little rainfall left over for the Tibetan region.

Nepal bucks the status quo when it comes to setting their world clock. Rather than following the convention of tidy one-hour increments in setting their time zone relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UTC), Nepal adopted a precise 15-minute increment. This is ironic because meeting appointments set in "Nepali Time" are understood to be "plus or minus a couple of hours." Nepal is set to UTC + 5:45, which puts Kathmandu right on the mark for the real time of day. The capital city is located at the longitude of 85°19'E or 5:41:16. Don't remind anyone in the Nepalese government though, or the country may be setting their clocks to UTC + 5:41.

Nepal is well known as having the most rugged terrain with the Great Himalaya Range, showcasing eight of the world's ten tallest mountain peaks, including Mt. Everest at 8,850 meters. Within the region of the Himalayas in the Sagarmatha National Park are some of the highest elevation villages and farmlands on the planet. But Nepal is home to some very low lowlands to the south and west. This region, known as the Terai (flat river plain of the Ganges), is verdant farmland in a sub-tropical zone.  This unique terrain is the result of lying directly on the boundary of the Asian continent and the Indian subcontinent, and the result of the clash between these great tectonic plates is the magnificent Himalayas.

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