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Kathmandu Hotels

On your visit to Nepal you will almost certainly pass through the capital city of Nepal, and you will want to have hotel reservations made before you arrive. If you will not be booking a tour through a travel agency, you can also arrange for lodging yourself. Be mindful that the busiest tourist seasons are in October and in March, but Kathmandu has ample accommodations. The price ranges also vary from exquisite luxury rates to just about dirt cheap, and depending on whether you like the serenity outside of the urban center or whether you want to get right in the thick of things, you'll be able to rent the perfect room.

Certainly the most famous hotel in Kathmandu is the Hotel Yak & Yeti, which refers to itself as a “premier five-star deluxe oasis” with 270 rooms. Well, they're right. For US $200 to $600 per night you can enjoy a truly magnificent lodging experience. However, for a more authentic encounter with a yak or a yeti, you'll have to venture out a bit further into the rugged outdoors.

The most daring and perhaps notorious of the premiere Nepali resorts was actually built by the Japanese and is staffed by Sherpas. The Hotel Everest View, situated above Namche village at a dizzying elevation of 13,000 feet, earned an entry in the Guiness Book of Records as the “Highest Placed Hotel in the World”. From this premium resort, up to almost $300 per night, guests have a stunning view of the prized Khumbu peaks, such as Mt. Everest, Lohtse, and Cho Oyu. Direct flights from Kathmandu up to the Shyangboche airstrip near the hotel save its wealthy guests a 3-day trek from Lukla, but the sudden extreme elevation change has led to quite a few emergency evacuations from the hotel, or worse. 977/1-224854.

Other Expensive Hotels:

Radisson Hotel Kathmandu. 977/1-411818

Hotel Shangri-la. 977/1-412999

Hotel Shanker. 977/1-410151

Moderate Hotels:

The Garden Hotel Kathmandu. 977/1-411951

Hotel Manang. 977/1-410993

Kantipur Temple House. 977/1-250131

Hotel Tibet. 977/1-429085

Inexpensive Hotels:

Hotel Manaslu. 977/1-410071

Hotel Astoria. 977/1-428810

Hotel Tashi Dhele. 977/1-217446

Dirt Cheap Hotels:

There are other accommodations available in the city that do not exactly match traditional western lodging. There are very small establishments (perhaps just a few rooms each) that offer a modest private room with a bed and restroom, but no other services such as television or telephone. They charge extremely low rates (perhaps under US $5 per night) and actually aim them at tourists. The only catch is that they slip in relatively exorbitant prices for their meal service, counting on the fact that the low room rate will keep the guests content.


In the Khumbu region among the Himalayas, trekkers have the option to camp in the great outdoors with the brisk, clean air and yak smells, or to enjoy the amenities of the traditional Sherpa teahouses. These quaint lodges (“bhatti”) in villages along the hiking routes offer basic meal and lodging accommodations. Sherpa Traders and porters traditionally stayed there, but the influx of Westerners has upped the list of amenities that these inns offer.

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