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Travel Agents in Asia

Traveling through Asia to Kathmandu without the help of expert agents can be daunting considering the complex routes and international airfare pricing structures. Some exceptional travel services offer great benefit in your travel plans by finding economical flights to the Far East for connections to the region. As long as you are able to make reservation far in advance (up to a year), travel agencies will be able to lock into very low rates.

There are many overseas travel agencies based in Asia that keep offices in North America. Finding such experts with domestic access and native connections to the Orient will be very knowledgeable about economic and political conditions that may affect the travel market. Just as with domestic agencies, these international travel agents secure seats at ‘consolidator’ rates and they can offer tickets at drastic discounts. International airfare rates are actually regulated like a vast cartel to keep the prices artificially high, so it is vitally important for any help you can get to find discounts on the seats.

There are of course many travel agencies in Asia that are targeted at arranging flights to North America. In some cases they have access to lower prices, so it’s worth contacting some of them. You may even find some that speak English. You might have a little less confidence though that they will be able to correlate with international systems, such as listing your travel times in the metric system. But seriously, since your travel needs will be very complex, it is advisable to seek out an agency with a good reputation, good access to airline price advantages, and a good understanding of airline regulations and your needs.

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