Trekking in Nepal

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Typically a well-planned or even functional trek in Nepal will require flight and hiking reservations that are many months in advance. Naturally, plans and circumstances change beyond foresight or control; locking into any travel plans without any security against cancellation or alteration is risky. Very risky! Fortunately, there are many insurance providers that offer comprehensive or specific policies that are economical. Considering the drawbacks of losing the full ticket price upon cancellation or being charged stiff penalties for making alterations to your flight itinerary, the extra 15% or so that it costs will be well worth it.

A better idea than buying the coverage separately as you make your ticket reservations is to sign on for an independent policy with a comprehensive travel insurance agency that offers combined medical, cancellation and baggage protection. Amazingly, the cost is much lower and the coverage is much more broad. Having al of these elements together in a consistent policy will give you much better integration between handling different misfortunes you may encounter on your trip.

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