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Mountain Grabbers, Online Himalaya Trekking Resource, Announces the Launch of

Mountain Grabbers, the uniquely authentic online resource for trekking in Nepal, announces the publication of its website, with first hand accounts and mountaineering expertise from veteran Himalaya Sherpa guide Pema Dorje Sherpa.

Spanish Fork, Utah (PRWEB) September 8, 2005 -- Building on their mission to open up the exciting experience of Nepal to the outside world, Mountain Grabbers, the online Himalayan trekking resource, announces the publication of is a uniquely authentic, full-spectrum information portal for mountain trekking in Nepal, with first-hand insight from a real-life, experienced Sherpa: Pema Dorje Sherpa, a veteran of Nepal mountain trekking and expeditions to the summit of Mt. Everest.

"One of my life's passions has been the documentation, promotion, and enabling of the inspiring Sherpas of the Himalayas. That is just what we are achieving with the release of," announced Richard Christiansen, President of Mountain Grabbers and Himalaya trekking enthusiast. "It is with great pride that we are taking a big step in giving proper credit to the Sherpa people." is an exhaustive and authoritative information source on the Sherpa way of life and the adventure of hiking in the Himalayas. Drawing from firsthand accounts of Pema Dorje Sherpa, provides information on all aspects of Sherpa culture, little known and unique facts about life in Nepal and among the Sherpa people, and advice on visiting Nepal for a trekking expedition. It is a guidebook for anyone seeking further insight and behind-the-scenes views of mountain trekking in the beautiful land of Nepal.

"I went initially to the Himalayas because of my draw to the mountains," said Mr. Christiansen. "My heart became fixated on the land not because of the breathtaking mountain peaks, but because of the strength of character and the connection I made to the people." offers unique background and expertise from Pema Dorje Sherpa, who has worked on expeditions since 1974, and has successfully led groups to the summit of Mt. Everest three times. He has worked closely and made friends with many of the most famous Himalaya trekkers, and has many fascinating anecdotes to share.

Pema Dorje Sherpa said, "I have gotten to know the world by making so many good friends from the whole world. Now I hope the people from the whole world will get to know my home Nepal from this website." is written and developed by Mountain Grabbers writer Daniel A. Washburn. Mr. Washburn served in the U.S. military as a strategic debriefer and linguist. He has also applied his foreign language proficiency in seeking out and collecting evidence of copyright infringement activity on the Internet for the software and motion picture industries.

"I'm thrilled to be a part of," says Mr. Washburn. "Mountain hiking is a challenge and a thrill unlike anything else, and opening up the adventure of hiking in the Himalayas and hearing Pema's unique stories will be like trekking yourself. The insight and behind-the-scenes experiences of trekking the Himalya is fascinating, and gives Westerners a taste of trekking the rugged mountains of the once forbidden Nepal."

About ( is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mountain Grabbers, and is an innovative online information source for the hiking lifestyle and the culture of the Sherpa people. Mountain Grabbers also produces a line of mountain gear that is manufactured and inspired by the Sherpa people high in the Himalaya of Nepal. Headquartered in Spanish Fork, Utah, Mountain Grabbers recognizes the opportunity to share the fascinating culture of the Sherpa people. They aim to educate the world on the wonderful Sherpa people through and enable the Sherpa people with better economic opportunities.

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