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Mount Kailash Legend

The Legend of the Sacred Mount Kailash

Mt. Kailash is a very holy site to the Sherpa people and Buddhists. The legend of this holy mountain is that two holy men made a bet with each other to see who could ascend the mountain the fastest. One was a spirit doctor and the other was a lama. The doctor would spin his prayer drum, calling great spiritual strength, and the lama could fly on the rays of the sunrise, gliding with the shadows of the dawning sunlight.

hey set out at midnight, and the doctor moved ahead, continually looking over his back to see if the lama was catching him. The doctor moved far ahead, and when he reached the halfway point up the mountain, he couldn't see the lama anywhere and he knew he was far ahead, so he decided to rest for a few hours. At first light as the rays of the morning sunlight passed over the shadow of the mountain peak the lama began to fly up to the top. The doctor woke up and continued climbing, and as he reached the summit, to his amazement, the lama (Buddha) was already there waiting for him. This made the doctor very embarrassed and angry so he threw down his drum violently, and it left a great scar on the mountain.

Mount Kailash

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